Picasso Jasper and Red Jasper Rosary

Picasso Jasper is named after the artist Picasso, it has a lot with all of its patterns and color which is like a modern art paint slash against canvass on it. It is also known as Picasso Marble which has a wonderful energy that can boost artistic gifts and stimulates creative abilities. A crystal that can attract people who have an outlook on life and similar interests. These lovely stones can absorb negative energy and provides protection.

Red Jasper



Red Jasper almost seems to hug you with its comforting essence. Jasper’s grounding energy is the support you can lean on when stress is tearing you down. It healing properties bring stability to your body and spirit by balancing the root chakra. As a supreme nurturer, jasper soothes the mind of anxiety so that it can focus on other things. Jasper’s encouragement helps you to take on new pursuits, deal with conflicts and approach problems with creative solutions.

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