Leather Artist
Erik Hayes

      I have been creating leather works for over 40 years. My artistry is not limited to leather, but also includes wood, carving, paint, metal and other media. Over the years my craft has matured as I travel the world enjoying the art from many different countries including Italy, Greece, Orient, Scandinavia, and others. 
     My first leather teacher was Coach Lane in 7th grade in Denton, Texas.  This initial introduction started my journey.  Over the years, I have created leather items based on the needs of my family: wallets, belts, purses, holsters, and costume pieces.   I have constantly been impressed by artisans all over the world and am now trying to incorporate those techniques into my creations.

I look forward to sharing some of these creations in the months to come,


Jewelry Designer/Artist
Emily Hayes

      I am a 23 year young woman. I started making jewelry in my early teens, I sold jewelry during high school and college. I graduated in spring 2018 from Stephen F. Austin State University with a bachelor of science in agriculture with a major in animal science. After applying to veterinary school three times I decided to get a degree in radiography. I started a radiography associate in spring 2019. Towards the end of my second semester I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was forced to put my education on hold and undergo treatment. My treatment ended March 27th, 2020 as COVID-19 began to shut down the United States. Treatment ended and quarantine began. After starting quarantine my father started working heavily on his leather work. This inspired me to return to making jewelry. Making jewelry has always made me happy and calmed me, but during this time it has also given me purpose and raised my spirits. When I was young I didn’t have the access we do now with online shopping. Now I am able to buy in bulk and provide quality products at a great price. All earrings are made with sterling silver (925 stamped) hooks, and quality artistic beads. The beads we use range from glass to semiprecious stone. I am truly happy with the earrings I am making and I hope you will be too.