Unakite and Carnelian Rosary



Unakite fills you with gratitude and thankfulness. By opening your heart and guiding you to embrace the present moment, it helps you to see your life from a new perspective. By living in the now and learning to love where you are in life right now, you can develop a deeper sense of appreciation and happiness. Let the Unakite energy remind you to find something to be thankful for each day, and in turn each day will be one you are thankful for.




Carnelian is the life of the party. Creative and confident, the energy of carnelian motivates a rush of vibrancy within the sacral chakra to stimulate your inner star. Tapping into carnelian’s exciting properties will lend a sense of power that can prove especially beneficial for anyone looking to break through creative blocks or embark on new projects and ambitions. With carnelian close, you'll be sure to impress others with your charm and vitality.

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